When we talk about work related stress management we go both ways: The work in your job or business and the work at home e.g. by parents staying with the kids or carers looking after a loved one. These types of work often get overlooked yet single mums for example are the fastest growing number of candidates for Burn-Out.

Being stressed has become a bit of a buzz word these days and it feels a little bit like you cannot allow yourself not to be stressed as you wouldn’t fit in anymore. People would look at you wondering what was wrong with you. Whilst it is not upon me to judge I want to encourage everyone not to talk lightly about stress and acknowledge the fact that you might not be stressed but may be feel something else which could be much more important to looked into in order to alleviate it.

Nonetheless our Limbic brain training for work related stress management is an 8 Unit training which aims at creating an active balance for participants so they know what they can do in times of stress when there is no way they can put aside 30 minutes for yoga, meditation or mindfulness. And whilst all of those are highly recommended as they definitely contribute to the Work-Life-Health balance, sometimes we need something we can apply whilst keep doing what we do and feel better at the end of it.. And that is exactly what the training is about.

What does limbic brain training mean? Quite simple, our limbic brain is a part of the brain where our emotions are processed. And that is exactly the area we are targeting with the training as many times we do experience emotions which are not processed properly and then start to create problems in life. But most of the time we don’t know that it is that particular emotion but we trace it back to a certain experience or we try to make sense of what we do and change behaviour. Doesn’t often help, does it. Because the underlying emotion, stuck in the limbic brain, is still active and prevents you from getting what you need in terms of stress reducing, balance, Joy, success, etc.

The 8 units of the training consist of:

Reducing stress by working with the limbic brain

Emotional balance through letting go of stressful emotions.

Approaching health and energy with positive emotions

Finding joy in movement and motivation for exercising

Management of consumerism in order to staying focussed

Resourceful self motivation

Active self-management

Communicating relaxed and on point.

These units can be taken in 8 consecutive weeks, 4 weeks 2 units each, a weekend or which ever way you like it. It can be run in groups as well as for individuals so it is suitable for in house trainings in the corporate world as well as for anyone looking to reduce their stress. Leading Modalities used are NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as others as necessary.

For more information please contact me via info@yourlife-strategist.com