Wingwaving For Fast Results

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Achieving Success – Resolving Blocks – Attaining Peak Performance

Short-term coaching for executives, managers, creative people and athletes

What is wingwave coaching?

Wingwave coaching is a coaching method based on EMDR and on Kinesiologie/ muscle testing. By combining those 2 modalities into one we achieve results much faster and much longer lasting. I guess that is something anyone, looking into taking on coaching, is interested in. the method was developed by german Cora Besser-Siegmund and her husband Harry Siegmund, both psychologists and NLP trainers. But let me explain it a bit more in detail to you.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a form of psychotherapy developed by Francine Shapiro that emphasizes disturbing memories as the cause of psychological/emotional disorders.

Kinesiology or Muscle testing is a form of communicating with the body, not the mind. So any answers given to statements or questions are not thought through answers but reactions to the bodies response system which we cannot influence. That means, it is a true answer and the best one we can work with.

The combination of EMDR and Kinesiology as it is used in wingwave coaching gives the coach the deepest possible insight into what is going on with a person emotionally and therefor there is the opportunity to focus on what actually is going on rather than what client and therapist think might be going on, hence giving both a much faster way to get into the work and ultimately better results.

And therefor wingwave coaching is perfect for all areas in life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences or negative emotions regarding future events.

Areas where wingwave coaching is applied:

Sports Coaching

Prepare mentally for peak performance in tournaments or other important performances
Process and overcome past defeats mentally and emotionally

Executive Coaching

Effectively prepare for important and challenging conversations, speeches and presentations
Resolve conflicts in the work environment
Achieve work-life balance

Performance Coaching

wingwave coaching offers the most effective mental preparation for any situation that is connected with how others perceive your performance such as:

Exams and auditions
Assessment centers
Job interviews
Public appearances
Media interviews

Coaching to Increase Your Creativity

Overcome mental blocks that interfere with your creativity
Boost your creativity
Stop the tendency to procrastinate

Coaching to Increase Your Inner Sense of Well-Being

Increase your feeling of self-confidence
Overcome phobias and anxieties such as test anxiety, fear of flying, stage fright, arachnophobia, dental treatment anxiety
Reduce physical stress such as lack of sleep, jetlag, or fatigue
Overcome family, marital, or partnership stress
Deal with interpersonal disappointments or verbal mistreatment
Learn to handle extreme food cravings and lose weight
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