In order to get Mental Health out of its darkness and understand it better it is important to get “influencer” on board. One of those influencers certainly is Mick Fanning and here is and article about an app he wants everyone to get. No matter if you are suffering from mental illness or not – yet.

“White Lightning”, better known as Mick Fanning, is known for his moves on the surfboard, but on land he is known as a  business owner, top bloke, and now a mental health advocate, playing a pivotal role in the start-up of Mentemia.

The retired 3-time Championship surfer has pledged his support in backing the new mental health app, aimed at helping people take control of their mental wellbeing in these uncertain times.

Mick Fanning joins a number of prominent Australians (see: last week’s reporting on Dylan Alcott) who have recently pushed the boundaries to support Australians in need, suggesting being open about mental health will better help people understand its importance.

“I think that’s really important in the world today,” Mick said.

“Mentemia is for everyone to use every day. It’s for all Australians because even people who are well are getting stressed and anxious, especially at a time like this.”

“I’ve had my own personal struggles and hardships throughout my whole career. At first, I thought I was a failure if I asked for help, but then I realised it’s the most courageous thing I could do.”

What exactly does Mentemia do? Mentemia functions as a suggestive tool that helps those who are struggling with their mental health, providing tips and techniques to help “take control.”

While Australians look towards the future, coronavirus has resulted in “estimates of between 25 per cent to 33 per cent of the community experiencing high levels of worry and anxiety during similar pandemics,” as people with existing mental health disorders are at a much higher risk.

Mick Fanning also took to Instagram to promote the app that “keeps you grounded.”

Created by All Blacks legend, Sir John Kirwan and entrepreneur Adam Clark, Mentemia tallied more than 17,000 downloads on the first day of its launch.

The former rugby player stated that the goal of Mentemia is to go global and will be freely available on the App Store and Google Play store for the next six months.

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