An introduction to the Standard MHFA course.

Why is this course relevant for you?

Firstly, mental illnesses are common. They affect about 20% of Australians in any 12-month period. It is highly likely that a given person will either develop a mental health problem or have close contact with someone who does.

Secondly, mental illness has a significant impact on people’s lives and can affect a person’s health and their ability to work, study, have fulfilling relationships and complete day-to-day activities when left untreated.

Thirdly, many people with mental health problems fail to seek appropriate professional help. This can mean that they live with problems for longer and makes recovery more difficult.

Finally, people with mental health problems are more likely to seek help if someone close to them suggests it. Friends, family, team members and other people who are close to someone experiencing mental health problems are in a good position to pick up on early warning signs and act to support the person. Providing mental health first aid when a person is showing the early signs and symptoms of a mental health problem is important, as it can assist the person to return to their usual activities quickly. Failing to do so can lead to the problem worsening or a crisis emerging.

This course is delivered in 2 parts: First part is self-paced on an online interactive learning platform, 2nd part is delivered via zoom. At the end you will receive accreditation which will be valid for 3 years.

Upcoming courses: Face to face MHFA for Community training which is divided into 2 sessions on 2 consecutive Saturdays. To enroll please send an email to or give Barbara a call on 0452180759 or click here:

Sessions run on 17th & 24th of April from 10.30 – 4.30 at FLO Yoga studio in Newport 2106

MHFA refresher course for those who need to refresh their certificate. Condition of signing up for this course is that your certificate did not expire later than 3 years and 3 months from the training date.

Zoom session only on Saturday 10th of April 9am – 1.30pm with regular breaks.

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