Hello and welcome,
I am Barbara Simon, the founder of Your Life Strategist Coaching and training. In 2000 I migrated to Australia with my husband and 2 kids and realized pretty quickly that this would become my home. It was a huge step, especially with two young children, but I knew I needed to do it as I always had that dream of leaving Germany and live in a different country, raising my kids bilingual.

During the following years I ventured down many different paths learning a lot in terms of adaptation and accepting change. Being a Natural Therapist with a focus on Back Care I introduced the technique I had learned in Germany, Dorn Spinal Therapy, to Australia and in the following 10 years not only treated and helped hundreds of back pain sufferers but also developed and ran my own training business so more health care practitioners could help their clients with back problems. I delivered training around Australia and in Singapore, wrote a book and put the training in a DVD as a home study course. And then I felt it was time for a change.

My husband had started his own business in Self Development and I became part of this business delivering seminars and coaching to our German clients. I had always been fascinated by coaching and changing people’s lifes rather quickly so I took up the studies for Life Coaching, trained with Anthony Robbins to become a Strategic Intervention coach and ultimately learned Wingwave ® coaching EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing) which has changed my coaching approach immensely. It is simple, fast and the results are outstanding by combining NLP, muscle testing and EMDR. I had again arrived at a point where I could turn my passion into a pension and I love it to this date. The more I grow myself and the more life experience I add the more my clients benefit because I think in order to be a good coach you need a certain experience so you can understand your clients better. I also work in a private hospital for drug and alcohol addictions and mental health which adds another layer of experience and understanding for what people are dealing with and how to best help them.

The overarching theme for the website is sunrise. I go out early and love watching the sunrise and taking photos of it. Sunrise for me means a new beginning, new opportunity, fresh thoughts, and the fact that the sun comes up every day, no matter if we see her or not. And she brings light after the dark and continues an everlasting cycle. Ant that is how I see my work, be it in Mental Health or as a coach, there is always light after dark, new beginning and fresh opportunities. It is just a matter of seeing them. And I am happy to support anyone in opening their eyes and hearts.

By combining all these skills and my own life experiences, I focus on building a good rapport with my clients in order to get them the results they are after rather quickly.

In 2018 I started volunteering with Lifeline, which introduced me to Mental Health First Aid training, something I had never heard of before. I undertook a 2-day course which and decided to trai as a Mental Health First Aid course facilitator. I truly believe Mental Health First Aid training is as important as the First Aid training we are all accustomed to already. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Australians will experience some kind of mental illness during their life and that statistic is likely to rise in the coming years. With Mental Health First Aid, we can bring mental illness out of the shadows and support those suffering from it and their loved ones to get them the help they need much sooner than usual.

At their core, both Life Coaching and Mental Health First Aid Training require implementation strategies to get the most out of them, and this is why I am happy to be Your Life Strategist. I can’t wait to work with you and help you create a life where You live, You love, You matter.